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Effective: April 16, 2019
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Ridgely Auction LLC is a business that constitutes a public livestock market, wherein proper facilities, it renders complete and productive stockyards and marketing services to livestock owners in regards to the livestock as assembled for sale, for which it sells on the basis of competitive bids by action.


Section 1: Selling Commission

The selling commission consists of the charges made by the company for selling services performed in respect to consigned livestock.

Section 2: Yardage

Includes suitable facilities and services for: receiving and handling, safe guarding against loss, feeding, holding, weighing, delivery and shipment of livestock.

Section 3: Veterinary Inspection

Includes veterinary services of accredited veterinarians under state and federal livestock sanitary regulations.

Section 4: Veterinary Services

Includes veterinary services necessary or required by state or federal livestock sanitary regulations, which will be performed by accredited veterinarian.

Section 5: Feed

All feeding at the market shall be done by the company or under its direction. All feed charges are based on the quantity and type of feed fed.

Section 6: Insurance

All livestock while on the stockyard premises are insured against fire and/or lightening, windstorm, cyclone, tornado, hail, smothering and other accidental means including destruction of animals to immediately relieve suffering resulting from accidental means in keeping with the conditions and limits of the insurance policy in force and effect.


Section 1: Selling Commission

     A. Cattle

               a. All Classes 2% of all gross sales PLUS $5.00 per head with a $22.00 per Head Minimum.

     B. Goats & Sheep

               a. All Classes 10% of all gross sales

     C. Horses & Mules

               a. All Classes 10% of all gross sales

               b. Tack and Trailers 15% of all gross sales

     D. Special Cow Sales

               a. All Classes 8% of all gross sales

Section 2: Yardage

     A. All Livestock $2.00 per Head

Section 3: Veterinary Inspection

     A. The schedule of charges on all necessary veterinary services performed by an accredited veterinarian for inspection will be at uniform per head rates.

Section 4: Veterinary Services

     A. The schedule of charges on all necessary veterinary services performed by an
accredited veterinarian will be posted as uniform per head rates, pursuant to
company agreement with the veterinarian performing such services and does
not contain any charges retained by the market

     B. Chute Fee $1.00 Per Head

     C. Beef Commission $1.50 Per Head

Section 5: Feed

     A. Feed, as fed, shall be charged, f.o.b. to the market, plus 30%.

Section 6: Insurance

     A. The schedule of charges will be rates pursuant to an insurance policy on file with the livestock market and does not contain any charges retained by the insured market.

Section 7: Special or Unusual Services

     A. Special selling and marketing services, such as involved in featured, special cow, calf or registered cattle and calf sales, not usually required in handling livestock for sale and other than specified, will be charged for under special arrangement.


Section 1: Definitions

     A. Resale charges shall apply on all livestock resold without leaving the company livestock market premises.

     B. No sale charges shall apply when the consignor declares his consignment no sale on price bid, bids in his consignment, or withdraws the same prior to actual sale.

Section 2: Charge Classifications

     A. Resales

               a. Cattle $5.00 per Head

     B. No Sales

               a. Cattle, Sheep & Goats $5.00 per Head

               b. Horses and Mules $10.00 per Head


Section 1: Allocation of Pens

     A. All pens, chutes, and alleys are the property of the marketing business and may not be claimed by a patron for his exclusive use. The management of the marketing business will assign all pens and may change such assignment without advance notice.

Section 2: Title to Livestock

     A. Title to all Livestock consigned for sale remains in the consignor until the time sold. Time of sale shall be at the time the highest bid is accepted, unless the sale is conditional or unless proof of title in consignor fails.

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